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 Biddulph Valley Surgery

In times of Bereavement


If you have experienced a bereavement and need to talk to someone, you are welcome to contact the surgery. We can also, if appropriate, guide you to bereavement services in the area to offer support. Please speak to our reception staff regarding this.


Useful contacts include:


Dove service                          01782 683155

Bereavement advice service    01785 273768

Age UK                                  01782 286209



When someone close to you dies, there are many things to sort out at what is often a difficult and distressing time.


There are three things which need to be done in the first few days:


1/ Obtaining a medical certificate of cause of death from an appropriate doctor in order to register the death and obtain a certificate. This would be the GP, if the death occurred at home, or from a hospital doctor if the death has occurred there


Please be aware that some deaths need to be reported to the coroner. There are a number of set reasons for reporting, including unexpected and unexplained deaths, and certain medical conditions and circumstances. In these cases, a death cannot be registered until clearance has been given by the coroner. This can cause delays.


2/ Registering the death within 5 days (or within 8 days in Scotland) You will then be given the necessary documents for funeral arrangements


3/ Making funeral arrangements


An appointment to register a death can be made by calling 0300 111 8001, or by going online to

www.staffordshire.gov.uk/death. There is other useful information on this website.


The following information will be asked for by the registrar:


  • The medical certificate of cause of death
  • Date and place of death and usual address
  • Full name, surname (and maiden name if applicable) of the deceased
  • Date and place of birth
  • Occupation (May include name and occupation of husband if the deceased was a married woman or widow)
  • Whether he/she was receiving a pension/ allowance from public funds
  • If the deceased was married or in a civil partnership, date of birth of surviving partner
  • The deceased’s medical card should be provided, if available


The registrar can offer a “tell us once” service, which can be used to inform government organisations on your behalf, such as DWP, and HMRC. This is optional, and there will still be organisations you will need to inform individually.

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