Advanced Nurse Practitioner Services

You can see an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for:

Abdominal painAcne
Back Pain (Acute)Burns
Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (COPD)Constipation
Contraception queries and prescriptionsCoughs, Colds and Chest Infections
Diarrhoea or VomitingEar Infections
EczemaEmergency Contraception
Eye problemsFever
Hay FeverHeadaches
Head InjuriesHead Lice
Hemorrhoids (Piles)Indigestion
“Morning After Pill”Minor Injuries
SinusitisSkin Infections, Impetigo
Skin RashesSore Throats
Urinary Tract InfectionsWorms

You will need to see a GP for:

Coughing or vomiting bloodHaving Convulsions
Bleeding profusely from any orificePregnant
Sick noteSevere Chest Pains or difficulty breathing
Sudden loss of sight 

Additional Information

The above lists are guides only; please ask the receptionist if you are unsure who you need to see.

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